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Client: UBIAPP

What is ad5?

ad5 is an extraordinary mobile app used to promote your business. It provides a simple, easy and inexpensive advertising platform for your customers, making your brand memorable instantaneously. 

How does ad5 advertise your brand?
ad5 provides you 5 numbers to represent your brand’s identity easily. You simply display the ad5 number at your shop, on business cards, flyers, facebook, or wherever else your business has a presence. Your customers will quickly access your online advertisement on apps by keying in your ad5 number in any mobile device at their convenience. 

ad5 = 5-number ID of Your Brand

Why ad5? 
Not only are we an accessible app, we are also an innovative method of being a “one-stop-shop” online service, our App as a Service (AaaS).
With the successful example of “SaaS”, “PaaS”, “IaaS”, we, today, further develop “AaaS” on the top them as the advance method for online advertising. 

We are also simultaneously doing live market research, providing an accountable analysis of the opportunity to see (OTS) measure. It is an effective method to apply towards your future marketing plans.

We operate exclusively as mobile advertisements for your business. The ad5 number is accessible everywhere, without the need for a restricted code scan or exact keyword search. 


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